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Best Chicken Recipes - Cooking Chicken Using a Pressure Cooker


When it comes to cooking chicken, you need  to know that using the pressure cooker is one of the best ways to really get that flavorful chicken going on. Using the pressure cooker to cook your chicken will make sure that its meat will stay moist and full of texture, that is the advantage of using slow cooker. You will only need around forty minutes total if you want to prepare a whole chicken dish, its that quick and you will expect full flavors when you get to cut that meat down.If you want to cook it in the oven and let it bake in the heat for around fifteen minutes, you get to add another wonderful texture to it.The chicken skin will get a more crunchy texture, perfect for anyone, who does not want crunchy chicken skin, right? With the crunchy chicken sin and the tender meat flavored with all the best ingredients to make one special whole chicken meal, that is something to look forward to in the dining area, right?


Roasting a whole chicken will need a little bit more experience when using the pressure cooker.Cooking it less than an hour is the ideal duration. You just have to make sure that your chicken will not touch the surface of the pressure cooker, make sure the sides and the top area of the pressure cooker is not hitting the meat directly.When you follow the steps, you will expect a nicely done roast chicken dish and all thanks  to the pressure cooker. You can have a 8-quart pressure cooker for holding a chicken as big as 3.5 pounds.. There are a lot of different African Food recipes to unravel when you have your pressure cooker ready.


Chicken with olive oil seems to be the best and most basic trick you can start with.


All you need will be posted below, make sure you have everything correctly.


Of course you need the one pound whole chicken.

Get the two tablespoons of olive oil ready.

You can get either one or two cups of chicken broth.


Now, with the directions for instant pot frozen chicken, make sure you follow them correctly and properly.


Season the chicken with the basic salt and pepper flavoring. Start to heat the pressure cooker slowly with the oil, brown the chicken on all its sides. After that, remove your chicken. Use a rack and put it in the pressure cooker then place the fried chicken on top of the rack. Put in the broth. Cover the rack then secure the lid. Start to pressure over medium high and then cook for at least twenty five minutes. When the cooking is done, release the pressure quickly by the release process. After that, plate the chicken and your are good to go, use the remaining juice as sauce and pour it on top of the chicken. For more facts about foods, visit this website at http://pixar.wikia.com/wiki/Chinese_Food_Box.